Looking for a famas


I’m in the market for a famas with firerate 50%, damage 30-40%, and increased clip size 30-40%. I will pay in scrap and only scrap, I don’t like trading guns for guns. I’d guess the famas I want would be about 30-40k.
Reply to this thread if you have the famas I specified and are looking to sell it. Thank you.


I am sorry, I fear I don’t have one


I have one with these stats but without firerate, and one with firerate, damage and accuraty but with no clip size. Would sell for ca. 30k


I’m interested, a few follow-up questions:
What are the numbers if said stats
When can we meet on the server to make trade if stats are good enough


Now on the MC server?


I have one with accuracy instead of clipsize if that interests you


I have a couple with similar stats, not 1 with all 3 tho