Looking For A Moon Man

Anyone selling or trading spare ones at a reasonable price?
As a new player I don’t know exact prices, but I’m willing to pay, as long as it is the actual price.

im a non new player and im also buying moonman

Yes i have moonman, just make an offer! (U 2 hennerz)

What does a moonman go for these days?

Idk. I thought it was around 30k to 40k. Around there I think. Might be 30k.

I still sell it btw

I will buy for 35k?

Ill think about it, sry for the late reply!

@Dakka could you offer like about 30k plus some replacement like mediocre health boost?

If I had one. I would, however I don’t…I can do 40 if you want @Heskan

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Ok, gonna pm you on discord when im online!

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We moved so sorry for being late, but the day after tomorrow i should have time and better connection!

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Nvmnd i fookin forgot it AGAIN and now tjat i finnaly remember it, my pc fell over and doesnt boot ffs

Im gonna set myself a reminder this time :expressionless:

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!slap heskan 1000

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One more day…
!kick ^