Looking to buy

Im looking for

-dmg, frr, rec or acc TMP
-Exotic MP5 or M3 Garand + Dual Crowbars
[-dmg, rec, frr SG550]
The guns can be rerolled or corrupted, as long as the corruption doesnt affect dmg or frr
Also if you have a non corrupted gun that could be rerolled to have said stats, thats ok too

I have a bit of scrap and many guns for sale!

@dandude5 Hi dan

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Looks nice, when will you be online?

aint selling any TMP’s, but if your looking for any MP5’s, P90’s or MAC10s i can supply, all purples, majority have FR and DMG

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Im always interested in frr, dmg, rec weapons, corrupted or not and no matter if purple or gold! Id be interested in buying a p90, when will you be online so i can take a look?

not sure when im next on, if im not on next week, it will be a while before i am back on i believe. i may try to hop on tomorrow

Ok just pm me on discord if and when your online!

yeah cant find you on discord, but yeah im on now @Heskan

Oh uuh its Narcoleptic Heskan#7781

@ajgunstone when will you be online?

I will never be online.

And how tf are you gonna sell it? ',:I

@ajgunstone tell me when ur online so i can take a look

Im still looking for the guns i mentioned, as well as a frr, dmg, rec Galil (or HUGE, Glock or MP5)

I have guns

And maybe scrap in the future


The goddess looks nice and the panzer 38t looks fun and maybe the Panzer V is gud!
When will you be online so i can test?

Panzer v is sold, black heart isn’t for trade now, 38t is still for sale.
I’ll be on tomorrow, from around 9am- 9pm GMT

Ait im gonna be there soon!

yeah man, on now

Ait will be about 30 mins

Shit totally forgot, was stuck playing monster hunter world :expressionless:
I can be online tomorrow after 1pm