Loot crate chances

Hello, I’m new and just wanted to know more about how crates work like the ods, or how to get them. Thanks :smile:

Idk about the chances, but there’s multiple ways to get them. Finish the daily quests, get mvp crates by being the most efficient player during a round. Or the simpler ways, can buy vip to get one every day or just buy a bunch of them.

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The most for odds I can tell you is: Grey > Green > Blue > Purple > Yellow/Orange > Orange/Dark Red, from highest to lowest. Actually now that I think about it I’m not sure if legendaries are rarer then exotics now.

How to get boxes? What Aldron said. Also levelling up gets you a box. I would recommend standard boxes.

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Yeah. Exotics aren’t really that rare. It’s hard to get of course but you get more exotics than you do legendary. First two I got were exotics and I was about 120ish in lvl. Before I got a legendary one at lvl 280ish. But everyone so far has about 80-100% of the exotics if they have about 30 legendary.

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Oh cool thanks guys for the info

exotics are 4 times as rare as legendaries muffin


This isn’t true anymore

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Ohhhh. Ok. Well thanks for the notice.

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