Low Tier Trading

Hello! I’m a new player and user of the Harry’s Mod servers and forums. And as a new player, it’s hard to compete with all the good guns of the experienced players. If you are looking to trade weapons of lower tiers (Purples, Rare and down), please reply to this post, and I will happily trade with you, as long as it’s a fair trade!


Hi, If you need a “good” weapon i’ll happily lend you one.

I prefer to give something back, this is a trade topic after all! What are you offering?

I have an aug with 70% firerate 20% damage and 70% accuracy. If that’d be to your fancy.

(that’s an estimation of the stats)

Of course! I’m on TTT right now! Could you do it right now?
(I’m at the forums passing the time while I wait for players.)

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I’m still up for trading. Also, feel free to join the topic and trade a bit, not necessarily with me. :wink:

You probably already know, but the ‘Marketplace (Beta)’ tab in your inventory will have some nice Purple weapons for not a lot of scrap sometimes, it’s worth checking there.

Also, I love ducks.


Same ducks are cute

just ask ccx for scrap and you wont have to play on the server anymore

mate marketplace is dead

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shuuuuuuuuud up the market place is where ccx puts all his bad guns for ppl to buy at questionable prices

I’m not on very often anymore but if you see me online then feel free to browse through my guns. I have way more than I need and always happy to give away my cheaper guns for small amounts of scrap. Username is Colossal_Waffle tho will be going by the name of Vampiric_Waffle through October. Cheers.