M3 melon skin can't be used

Bug description: The M3 - Melon skin can not be applied to an M3, I tried different M3’s and restarted my game.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get M3 without a skin.
  2. Find the M3 - Melon skin
  3. attempt to apply the skin to the gun.

(I will lone out the M3 skin if you want to try it out)

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Update: I found another problem the M3 - melon skin can be applied to the regular shotgun even though its an M3 skin

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This explains it then. It looks like it’s designed for regular shotgun but there’s been a typo in the naming. That makes it an easier fix.

@CCX9010 enjoy easy bug fix. x

Unfortunately this will break anyone’s inv who has the melon skin on the shotgun already. I will have a look at an alternative.

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