M3 - No Mercy skin bug


Bug description: M3 - No Mercy EVERYWHERE. I mean it isn’t always there but it does sometimes changes of just regular props into the M3 - No Mercy. Idk if this is something that is a server Bug or if my own textures are glitched.
Steps to reproduce: Idk
Screenshots (If applicable):

Skin Reflection Bug for All Weapons

Wow wtf, that’s amazing lol


i want… @meharryp make this a thing


it clearly is a thing
turn on legacy skins and this happens


I made a post about this earlier but it wouldn’t let me do it. Most skins do this. I agree that it is pretty annoying.


the water tower skin looks fucking badass




Guess it isn’t just with the M3 - No Mercy… :confused:

Missing Textures

It also happens with the sniper one.



Skin Reflection Bug for All Weapons

is that game


Funny thing, this happens a lot to me, it happened with the blue stripe, with the Deagle skin, and every and each one, to fix it just turn off legacy skins


STOP WITH THE OLD-POST BUMPING PLEASE! It will just get yo in trouble lol

Patch Notes: 15/07/17

I have that aswell, and it is funny heskan can’t read this ecks dee

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