Magneto Stick Attachments pls

if possible to add they would be a neat addition. Maybe make them 2 slot at max.

Possible attachment variables:

pickup range
pickup force
push force/pull force
push range/pull range
Holding power (helps or stops the carried item being lost from smacking it against walls or other props)

Possible exotics:

hercules (pickup any weight but your movement and mouse speed is severely reduced)
telekenesis (pickup objects of light weight from greater distances)

I can’t think of much more lol if anyone else has any ideas go ahead.


really i just want more ways to propkill pls

hello bludry

hello l4bell

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try something called judge prop kill

Thats old now lol

not too old for me. good post.

I think one of the attachments should allow pinning corpses with rope… cause it’s funny