Maintenance happening tomorrow


If you’ve been paying attention to tech news recently you’ll have seen this:

This is a pretty major security issue and I try my best to keep everything secure, so at 11 PM tomorrow I’ll be taking all the servers and the forums offline for 1-2 hours to install updates to everything. This is just a quick heads up to let you guys know it’ll be happening.


yeah i’ve read an article about that, AMD WINS THIS TIME




I N T E L ligent design am i right


Out of interest @meharryp, what OS are the servers hosted on?


Forums/Database is Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS, game servers are Windows and both of them are in seperate VMs under VMWare ESXi


Just out of interest, what’s the advantage of running the game servers in Windows rather than linux?


From experience I’ve had less crashes on Windows than Linux


AMD wins everytime