Make MOONMAN a Mask and Hat

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Moonman being compatible as a hat and a mask or is there another hat that would make this to overpowered. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?

this would be cool but if you have any hat that jumps boost you can go to space in a singular jump

would it not be possible to code it so only certain items, that would cause this problem could not be compatible with each other?

Oh thats would be too op i think, i get why people say moonman is not fun, but its practical, so using anoter hat that gives you insane buffs like gambler or even infinity would be too much
Also now, that even exotic stacking is off, i can guarantee that devs are against something that would make exotics better then they are

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Moonman is the way it is for a reason. It’s so busted lmao. But damn is it nice to use. You’re pretty much spot-on here.