Alright everyone let me get straight to the point : On the past few months I have noticed more people play on the minecraft server than on the main server , and one problem kept popping up there over and over again :
The repetitive , boring same maps that go on over and over again for HOURS.
So here’s my suggestion - make the minecraft server have the same map changing system as on the main server.
As said by @readytodie :

He basically summed it up nicely there and as said by @RhysRaptor

Ive taken to myself the role of testing maps and seeing if they can fit to the mc server , this is essentially a giant map suggestion , so without further explanation here is a list of 10 MC maps that I think should be added to the server and then have the map changing system on mc the same as on the main server:
(I also made a video showcasing each map)

Number 1) -
In my opinion , this is one of the best maps I had to test , and let me tell you I have tested DOZENS of mc maps , the map has good spawns , traitor traps and a lot of ammo.
Overall this is a pretty fun map and would be very fitting for the mc server

Number 2) -
I really enjoyed playing in this map , its not too big and not too small , with plenty of ammo in it , a traitor tester , traitor traps and even a traitor room and the whole cave atmosphere is fun and enjoyable.

Number 3) -
This map is an MC remake of one of everyone’s favorite classic TTT maps - 67thway and I dont think it needs further explaining although in my opinion this remake is better than the original.

Number 4) -
This map is yet another MC remake of another good map - innocent motel.
Although the elevator isnt glitched there and in my opinion the mc version is just more fun.

Number 5) -
This map is a remake of one of the oldschool counter strike maps , de_dust.
Its got plenty of ammo across it and a few traitor traps.

Number 6) -
This map has been a lot of fun to test , it is big but not annoyingly big ,and its got plenty of ammo.

Number 7) -
This map is one giant house , hence the name - a mansion. its got cool traitor traps , plenty of traitor rooms and lot of ammo.

Number 8) -
This map is a remake of the classic minecraftcity v4 map that’s already on this server , but here’s the catch
Its a spooky dark map that makes it feel like you’re playing in a completely different map , its even got easter eggs and in my opinion worth having on the server along with the original one.

Number 9) -
This map is fairly similar to the classic vessel map that’s on the main server , but once you play on it you realize its much different , this map is pretty damn big and I’m going to let the video to speak for itself.

Number 10) -
Now , let me just say I didnt enjoy this map , it has a lot of similarities to the existing map haven - its quite big with only a few areas that people go to , but hey - if haven made it , why not tiptsky ?

And that concludes it , thank you for spending your time reading this and I hope those will actually get added because it took me a long ass while to test a shit ton of maps and make videos of ones I thought should be added.

Hopefully those maps will be added and we can have a map changing system just like on the main server to make MC great ! (again ?).


@meharryp this thread is full of ideas we need pls i beg. MC gave me aids and I died of duck poisoning


I like all of these bar tiptsky which I’m meh on because HAVEN AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I’d love to see all of these come in and it would help break the monotony of City/b5/rarely Mineshaft/rarely Dolls.

Also give NoBrain his crowbar back.


@meharryp the main server is dead in the water at this point, time to invest some time in the minecraft one.


Can I ping Harry too???
Cause this is a very important subject, the MC server has been exhausting us with the same maps over and over again. It needs a new look.
The answer of playing in main instead doesn’t work, people don’t go there because the people don’t want to play there. So maybe we should just improve MC instead.


Harysmod is dying. Time to revive it.


Great post Cranger, 100% support. Many more people join mc servers because they’re more casual so improving the servers is a must for longevity imo.

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Support this post too, Cant currently play but these ideas seem pretty lit.

BUMP @meharryp

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Bumping this post, we need this. @meharryp


I think that we also may need to edit the map selection and by that I mean GET RID OF HAVEN NO ONE LIKES HAVEN

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I like haven

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How about instead of removing maps which there already aren’t enough add more which is the much bigger issue here and also what’s this post is all about


haven is a good server, but i need to go to jupiter now byeeee :rocket:


Stop the fucking necromancy

Literally half the ideas here have happened already so there’s that.

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