Mandatory staff/trial staff christmas steam/forum avatar

It is time for christmas so staff should be forced to make it cute. xxx

  • yes christmas avatars
  • no dont like christmas

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Jewish poll also available:

  • if christmas promoted i will sue
  • christmas fine because jesus is still a jewish prophet

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  • Happy holidays
  • Merry Christmas

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i only change pic on discord

Prepare the Jingle Bells assault

I don’t think you understand how much of a systemic problem you are.

also everybody change your interface to “default” coz it’s more christmasy. Fuckers.

  • yay Christmas
  • Meh Christmas
  • Boo Christmas
  • I don’t celebrate it cause of religion
  • Urgh spending money
  • They start this shit too early

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its literally 15 days to christmas you are an idiot for even mentioning christmas its so fucking obviously too far away just desperate attempts at reviving this dying server #freewaffle

Gety banned smh


literally just banned me on onion. ur just proving my point so even though im banned im always gonna think i won this argument cus im a little shit

I dont like where this is going. It makes me remind of the one who’s name must not be spoken

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Steven Duke?

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