Map Voting Poll V2

Making this post for reasons that i want to know what maps people like and what features to some they dont like, if you can vote one and simply comment in small detail the reason for picking it like, “This maps layout is big but adventurous”
or “I like the fact of diffrent levels but to many spots for snipers/campers”
This post ties into the other one called (Idea of a new map! UwU!)

Map Voting Poll
  • ttt_airbus_b3
  • ttt_aircraft_v3
  • ttt_bb_teenroom_b2
  • ttt_casino_b2
  • ttt_clue_2018_b7
  • ttt_community_bowling_v5a
  • ttt_community_pool_2017_b4
  • ttt_construction_v3
  • ttt_de_dolls_v3
  • ttt_island_2013
  • ttt_lost_temple_v2
  • ttt_minecraftcity_v4
  • ttt_nuclear_power_v4_fix
  • ttt_rooftops_2016_v1
  • ttt_waterworld
  • ttt_old_factory
  • ttt_roy_the_ship
  • ttt_skyscraper_2015_v1p_f4

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not multiple choice


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ttt_minecraftcity_v4 is my favourite map on the server for a few reasons.

  • Multiple T rooms
    Having multiple T rooms allows the Traitors to get around the map quickly. One issue with many maps (for example, Nuclear) is that Traitors need to chase Innocents around the entire map and they can’t easily get to other places. While having multiple T rooms can be unbalanced, this map balances it somewhat by making 2 of them only link to the main T room, which in turn links to a set point in the water. Also the main T room has the lava trap which allows you to do more than just retreat into the T room.

  • Multiple paths
    You can go over the ground, through the water tunnel, or through the underground tunnel with lava. Having several options allows for greater tactical play, and makes T items much more usable as there are various places where they are great.

An improvement I would make
I believe a good TTT map has a variety of T traps, ranging from lethal to tactical to annoying. This map has, at most, the two lava traps.


The reason for that is so the most overall favorite map can been seen and like sir RysRaptor hes left a in depth detailed post explaing the map and reasons, if i left it multiple choice some maps would out vote others i felt. Your welcome to explain in the comments about how you like more than just one map and with reason’s, thats also fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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in that case i may aswell fuck it and give some meaty answers.

i have two maps id consider favorite on this server, ttt_rooftops_2016_v1 and ttt_experimental shapes. at face value, these maps are as far as possible from eachother, yet i like them both greatly. rooftops is brilliantly large, open, full of detail and beautiful (also a campers love story). shapes is a medium ish map, rough, abstract and full of “buildings” (cover and inside spaces). these maps def have some bias to certain weapons and items, but end up rounding up to a fair interesting fight. there are multiple paths and ways to get to areas and moonman works brill on em.

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edit : nvm am stupod

The reasons why I despise mc_minecraftcity_v4

The map looks bad
Generally normal minecraft looks good! but the problem is that the map has been made on garry’s mod, which makes it looks like shit. the lack of “realistic” shading outside makes me sick. All of the blocks just look off to me and I wish I was just playing normal minecraft

The map stabs fps on older hardware (not like waterworld tho)
Whenever I’m playing on my laptop I physically have to leave the server because it becomes unplayable combining the horrible graphics with the scrappy fps.

General amount of ladders
The map has a lot of ladders, which most are very hard to get up without touching them. Now this wouldn’t be an issue if the pull90/sso bug was fixed

Walking up a whole block without having to jump messes up with my head. It’s not something you can just change tho, making it so you have to jump every block would be horrible as well. Mc maps shouldn’t even exist.

Sum good
The map has plenty of ammo which is always a good thing, and the layout is interesting like rhys said. I’m just sad such an idea was wasted on a fucking mc map

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Lemme do a fun separate poll

Who here actually likes ttt_minecraftcity_v4?
  • I do!
  • I don’t!

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skyscraper because i can be a sneaky piece of shit and snipe the hell out of people, the problem is what i just said, but i like it anyways