Marketplace Beta - Suggestions thread


The marketplace is currently in Beta - post suggestions for final product here and here only. All other suggestion posts related to this will be closed.

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Would be nice if it was sectioned off/organised better imo, cos atm it just looks like a really messy inventory.


-Show the price of your items when you are looking at only your items

-Filtering by stats/rarity

-Something to fill the blank space in the bottom left - the marketplace in general looks a little bland and this big gap doesn’t help

-Sorting - by rarity, price, name, etc.


An option of bidding a different amount on an item, giving the seller the option of getting a lower amount but selling the item faster.

Enlist newer items on top of the market list.


sort by multiple stats on specific weapons
search bar so u can find specific weapons(would also be nice for regular inv too)
sort by price high-low low-high
sort for weapon stats within a percentage by a gap chosen by the player so like 5% up and down
sell 1% items and other collectibles like 69%
mr sloth- children should be on the market


Bidding + banned players guns for * the scrap cost, ,like legendary x5 scrap cost t3 x4 and so on, epic yeah man, give me awootism’s shit thanks


Or an open auction which stays open for a week on the banned player’s guns.
It can be a tab on its own on the market.


Search items by who’s selling them.


Maybe a limit of how long items can be on the market, maybe a week, because at the moment there is so much stuff to scroll through, even you narrow it down to a certain gun or hat type


You can sort by gun type already but agreed on the expiration of items - maybe like 2 weeks or something