Matthew mann unban appeal

I am trying to appeal my ban for ghosting because I hadn’t realised it counted as ghosting and i thought the player I had pmd it to was alrdy dead so it would be ok, furthermore he had called me an idiot so i wanted to make it so he would stop calling me an idiot as I knew staff wouldn’t do anything about disrespect just like they do nothing about the incessant amount of times ive been called a nonce which is slang for pedophile. and also im disabled and every day I am laughed at for playing mocked cuz of my lvl even by staff i am mocked and all i do is try to stop them but they keep going so that is y i told him and he was the person who did it so it wouldnt have made any difference but im more annoyed about the fact that i wasnt even told i was getting banned or that i had breached a rule if i had been told not to do it again i wouldnt have done it. i just didnt realise at the time it was wrong plus the msg that obama was shown wasnt the message i had sent to the player the msg i sent just showed it him i was shot off, i never told him what gun was used so i dont quite understand the rulings for ghosting ive never understood it and staff seem reluctant to explain most things hell half the time i think they just dont give a fuck like how staff have abused and spawned santas that had killed me before like rhys for example. in the end i made an honest mistake i barely break the rules and yet 1 mistake and i randomly get banned for 2 weeks i never fucking knew it would count as ghosting i know its against the rules but when ppl r disrespecting me and im constantly called stupid and retarded by ppl cuz of dissability im gonna try stop them doing it if the staff actually stopped ppl constantly doing it i wouldnt have had to but they dont. even with staff on im repeatedly called a pedophile by loli, which i believe also isnt allowed but they go unpunished so y am i punished for 1 accident that i hadnt understood how far the ruling of ghosting went i know the basic rules but all i knew was ghosting only counted for telling ppl who had killed u while they were still alive

You have been unbanned. Following your ban Sewer explained his side of the story and it was very clear you were not ghosting. Sorry for the inconvenience

I understand this is closed, but I want to make a quick statement regarding the disrespect thing.

Yes there are a fuck ton of people who are throwing insults out all the time. Whining about Staff not doing anything is going to make you look much worse because Staff are a voluntary position and complaining about them not acting on things immediately suggests to us that you consider them to be at your beck and call.

My advice? Screenshot screenshot screenshot. If it is really that bad, then have evidence of the shit. That way things can be looked into.