Mc server?

I’ve heard that the new mc server pack should come out by the end of this week. When will it come out and what will be the server address? Also what new mods will be included?

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mods: Project E/Equivalent Exchange , Draconic evolution, ICBMs,

IP: harrysmod.mc:25585

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I guess griefing is still forbidden tho, right? So using them for terraforming is ok i guess but not on homes

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Also wtf are the other 3 mods?

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draconic is a kind of end game gear/ power generation mod
project e/equivalent exchange are basically the same mod that does like making more of one item with a different item based on emc values

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Ok thanks! What exactly is emc? Just general value?

its just a number some items have and its based off of how valuable they are (diamonds have around 8 thousand emc and dirt and cobblestone has one emc)

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Ok thx!
Last question, whats the icbm mods name?

its just called ICBM also it has modular turrets

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Ok than ccx hasnt added it yet

I think it will be added in the final version since lazy has nagged ccx enough

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When will that be?



no icbms, there are too many idiots for it to be an intelligent addition


I mean l4bell illegally burned out wood a tiny bit and our forest is now on fire, but y’know its all good

What forest?
If it was savanna, it couldve been me tho
Do you live near docs base?

my base is docs base docs base is my base l4bells base and inserts base are near my base whips base is my base my base is whips base

And my base

My base is at the best set of coords it could be :()