Me buy gun now


I’m buying a non-corrupted Legendary Shotgun ( not m3 )
Increased Firerate
Damage Boost
Increased Bullets
I will pay mega scrap or / as well as this:
give fast so I can gamble again <:(


I have this but not legendary


this is very helpful thank you.


Why does it have to be legendary? This is racism towards corrupted guns


I don’t want my inventory to look like thanos’s arm pits


Imagine commenting on a thread that just to complain about what you’re buying and how you wont settle for an inferior weapon class along with a broken mechanic that wouldn’t match with your loadout :slight_smile:


Corrupted Guns > legendarys
End of discussion.


End of discussion.


Corrupted legendaries


Ok yes those are the best! looks at SR-47


read can you even though


grammar can you yes?