Mention countdown to wind him up


But why ping @Countdown ? He is a nice guy


yer ur right @Countdown is a nice guy. @Countdown is the best. @Countdown did’nt even respond to this whole @Countdown thing btw.


So, @Countdown, respond.


I actually think this whole thread is retarded seeing as countdown does not give a shit about anything said or done on the forums.


@Cranger your totally right, @Countdown will never care


Not certain who you are sorry.





yer ur right we shoulld continue this @Paddy!


hey um, @Countdown




just let this post die PLEASE


@Countdown = Ashens


i know @Countdown apreciates this
as the brittisch person he is he needs a daily dose @Countdown of rage
since every angry brittisch person runs on rage right @Countdown?


This is a whole topic, not just one post.



Yes this @Countdown topic is very important