Mid-Birthday Patch 2021 Pt.2 (Main)

Hi all,

I promised you a small patch if Main remained popular, so here it is. Keep it up and we’ll keep patching stuff.

Following stuff has been worked on/fixed over the past few days:

Additional skins are in the game and droppable in the Skin lootbox:

Glockturnal - Glock
Iron - Deagle
Frostbite - AK47

New Map testing

We are doing map testing in the coming days, with a view to change the map pool over the next couple of weeks. It’s unlikely any will be removed, perhaps a couple of unpopular ones will go - voice your suggestions below

Bug Fixes

  • Small buff to MP5 firerate
  • New Exotic names
  • Chair gun removed from dropping in crates (lmfao)
  • Small nerfs for Dual Mac10s (recoil), Dual Huge (Damage), Duck Gun (now in line with Dual Huge)
  • Afterburner - I have no idea what this is, so it’s no longer droppable in crates
  • Nerfed Count Wankpuffin IV a bit (Damage)
  • Buffed Bertha’s damage a bit to try and make it not 100% worthless
  • An unobtainable exotic is now obtainable

In Progress

  • Warlord fix being tested (thanks @PerskuleBenener for the assistance on that)
  • other skins will be added soon-ish
  • Hats from that competition a year ago(!)

Comments/insults welcomed below.

Edit: loudener is now fixed


damn I really wanted that after burner

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5mil and I’ll sell it to you


also afterburner is super bullets huge except its not shit


no way lol

When is ban gun getting buffed? @RhysRaptor

it will be buffed after you are banned

Your face is getting ban gunned


the loudender has been freed, rejoice

Yay thanks @Torterra1111

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