Mid-Birthday Patch 2021

Hi all,

Following stuff has been worked on/fixed over the past few days:

  • Rifle skins can be applied to rifles now(!)
  • Hats work and there are new ones (or maybe old?)
  • Knife has been buffed to try and make it 1 hit again
  • Buckshot can actually be applied to the rifle now, that was a spelling error (sorry)
  • TMtrainer and Bertha can no longer be applied to S&W, following their ban.
  • Cake changes in terms of droprates
  • Pool Party returns to the map pool
  • Concrete has been removed because it was the wrong version (no ammo/gun drops)
  • 3x old main guns have been re-shaped into exotics for upcoming release, along with some secret stuff - stay tuned lmao
  • Staff now have limited spawn commands
  • the sound gun.

Upcoming but not 100% done yet:

  • New Maps, with event spawns - couple weeks for testing etc
  • Exotics - ready for Halloween
  • Lootbox price drops
  • Lootbox odds changes - soon-ish after some playtime
  • Weapon skins, big thanks to @ya_boi_pasta, @PerskuleBenener for these. We’ll have a new community skin box in a few weeks. This includes skins for some weapons that never had them previously, like S&W.

Seriously, thanks to all for your support. We’ll carry on making stuff/fixing stuff as long as people are still regularly playing. And yes, comments and insults are welcomed below as always.


acutall updates, thats new +1


This server is becoming more functional than your car


why must you hurt me this way (whilst it’s parked bc broken)

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just discard genesis exotic and general economy

What is this “the sound gun” and what does limited staff spawn commands mean

it’s the sound gun

i am terrified of the sound gun. i dont like loud noises.

and now they should actually show too

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haha! nice leg

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:leg: :leg:

haha! nice legs

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