Mid-Birthday Patch 2022

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying this year’s Birthday Event and collecting those cakes! In case anyone was thinking “wow this is cool but I wish there was more” well here we are. We’ve kept a couple things in the chamber of typical Harry’s Mod nonsense, and even seeing a couple classics return. Hop on now and get right back to unboxing!


  • Additional parts of balancing patch now live
  • Rabworc crowbar exotic now dropping!
  • Fix for retex bug on AR-15
  • Buffed newton launcher back to what it should be
  • New admin command for special low-grav rounds
  • Recently added Exotic Mask “Jump Man” is now dropping on genesis


  • 4 New Maps!
  • Additional Exotic trade-in now available
  • Dual Augs (Rhys might hate me for this)
  • New Exotic Crowbar “StunStick”.

All 3

  • Return of Fan Favorite Exotic “The Annoyer”
  • Sale at HarrysMod Store now live
  • New Exotic Mask “Speed Demon”, I hope you like sprinting!

We are still working on Inventory changes to help sort out the lag that you experience from time to time. Thank you all for 5 years of love, support, and Prop RDM. We hope to see you again next year!



Note: We are currently working on a new Detective item as well, but ran into some difficulties. So stay tuned on that

What effect do those exotic have
Also much love

Stunstick - exactly what it sounds like
Dual Augs- …
The Annoyer - 2019 Charity Exotic, fast annoying drawing crowbar
Jump Man - Plays a mario sound when you jump… thats it lol

Pog, Can i be unbanned yet its been like 4 years lmao

woooooooooo sales on store im gonna spend 100000000000000 dollar on scrap!

Make an appeal

Yea i mean i have like 4 times got accepted twice as my ban had no proof then banned again because some people in the community didnt like me became staff.

Mr Artist.

lmao I didn’t realize who you were. You could still try appealing, but with all the alts or whatever you’d have a hard time being unbanned. I’m sorta surprised your forum account isn’t banned

I mean like the original is because i made a point and people got upset they banned my original to stop me responding with more valid points / evidence.

But ive waited paitently to come back once more :sun_with_face: :clap:

Eh screw it my items are long gone, Off to make a new account, happy hunting ig.

I am also working on something big, and that will be getting announced in a few days. Stay tuned :smiley:

Please don’t return.

Wait speed demon? Is the mask I have suggested time ago?

Damn I hope

I’m not seein the new exotic tradeups on main
is it just not out yet or?

New Detective weapon “Detective’s AR” is working and now in the buy menu :smile:

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It should be, but I will check

press X to doubt

yeah it’s still just the original tradeups unless like the sniper shotty is new?

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it is, but appears the other two aren’t live yet. Thank you for letting me know, I’ll get that sorted