Minecraft minigame tournament

There seems to be quite a bit of interest in minecraft at the moment on the server. With summer holidays approaching I thought i would be a good idea to set up some mini game tournaments a few times a week throughout the server. There will be a selection of mini games (more info below) available to keep things interesting.

Minigames - these are some of the minecraft minigames that have been considered:

Missile wars is a game where 2 teams fight to destroy the other teams nether portal. This is fully vanilla but can be abit laggy due to all the TNT, but thats half the fun.

UHC (Ultra Hardcore Challenge). UHC is a longer game format. Everyone starts evenly spread out within a world border (size depends on players) with no tools or weapons. You have to gather resources to prepare for fighting. The world border gradually shrinks until there is one person or team left. There is a grace period of 10 mins before the fighting starts. There is no natural regeneration and the difficulty is set to hard.

Survival Games. Survival games is a battle royal style game mode where you are put on a pre-built map and have to find items in chests. This can also be done solo or in teams. Like in UHC the map shrinks over time but you may have to go far from the spawn to get better items

Lucky block races. This is a modded minigame using the lucky blocks mod. When you break a lucky block a whole variety of things can happen. You could get diamonds from the sky or a teleport next to a super charged creeper. In the lucky block race you have to break all the lucky blocks in your path, collecting items untill you reach the end. once everyone finishes, its a fight to the death.

Spleef. Anyone who has played minecraft for a long enough time knows the what spleef is. Everyone starts on a platform with a shovel. Your objective is remove the blocks from beneath your opponents feet getting them to fall through multiple floors and eventually into the void or into lava.

Now i have put these ideas forward to you. First id like to know if you like the idea in general. Is this something you’d play.

  • Yes, tis a good idea
  • No fuck off you pillock

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I’d also like to know which of these games you like the best. If you have any suggestions put them as a reply under this post and ill take a look if i can implement them.

  • Missile Wars
  • UHC
  • Hunger Games
  • Lucky Blocks
  • Spleef

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The Walls would be great.
Also Capture the wool and a survival island


had to do the fuck off pillock option but would it be a idea to add build battle and skywars?

Race for the wool if we can get 2 teams

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I think Hunger games is a bit boring and common, why not something special like Lucky Block or literially anything else

Vote UHC bois


ive literally never heard of any of these and i cant join the mc server bc my weak pc, im going to tick all if i can, if not, random

good idea for a game is going into a mine and whoever mines the most ducks wins ( in teams)

most of these are based on vanilla and would be a seperate server.

i didnt consider race for the wool. i think i played it once or twice. will add it to my list

holy fuck race for the wool pls, so good

kinda a retarded idea but could be like diamonds with a texture pack


If testing goes well, hunger games will be up and running on Saturday


Further update:
After some testing ive managed to fix about 80% of initial issues. The last major one is assignment of permissions. I will have to re-do the server permission configuration and unfortunately i dont think the server will be ready for tomorrow (technically today). I also think the server needs a bit more tweaking in other regards before release but hopefully the server can be ready by monday at the earliest, wednesday at the latest. Thanks for the continued support and patience.:duck:

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