Minecraft mod pack suggestion

Just remove project e entirely for now. Maybe add some extreme crafting recipes for it in final development of the pack or carefully decide a way to balance it. I don’t think so much time should be wasted right now on such a dumb mod that has almost all of it’s non op features replaced by other (better) mods. Project E could be balanced by the following: (note a few of these methods have been implemented in packs I have played )

  1. Removing the emc value of coal and all other “fuels” with a console command and make it impossible to use the philosopher’s stone to convert charcoal to coal.
    This would make the mod very slow to progress in as the gargantuan amounts of coal required to make red matter for emc collectors and armour could only be acquired by hand or with a farm from a mod such as magical crops or a wither skeleton farm. Pros: Stops people for getting red matter and the op armour and emc collectors that come with it early-game. Cons: Makes the entire purpose of the pack to get coal if you want to tryhard and once you get coal you still get op emc collectors.

  2. Remove condensers/ the emc values of all the items with emc (these have almost the exact same affect). Pros: similar to the last one with the whole coal thing and also gets rid of the ability for ppl to get infinite amounts of resources once they have gotten enough coal. Cons: This still allows people to get the op armour and rings but since you can’t get infinite base materials, this doesn’t fuck with the game balance as much or at all.

  3. Add extreme crafting recipes with the extreme crafting recipes mod.
    Pros: Means that people have to finish the pack basically before they have access to emc.
    Cons: Almost none - once you have the op items, you already basically have infinite of everything anyway. This is why many major packs use this such as project ozone 3 or Stoneblock.
    Example recipe: https://imgur.com/a/Ahzk7x7

    This IS an option. Just fucking keep it in. A few big packs do this which i have played and can be quite fun. HOWEVER, these packs have special systems (such as quest books) which encourage you to make big ol’ automated systems of item production on unprecedented levels which is fun to make,
    and, hey, sometimes it’s fun to just be super op. HOWEVER, again, I think that keeping the mod in
    not nerfed WITHOUT the incentives to make cool shit with it would just mean everyone would have done everything in the pack within a week because they all have infinite resources so they can just go through entire mods crafting whatever they need to with infinite resources and basically just playing in creative.

  5. Finally, just get rid of it. Pros: no general item fuckery. Cons: No op shit.

Focus on adding mods, only remove the ones that break everything right now (I include project e as a mod that breaks everything as it removes all difficulty from the game because you can just set up an array of emc generators hooked up to condensers that will make anything you want for you and can also make red matter to make really op armour and weapons). The reason for this is so that people can play test all the mods that they want added. Then when the pack is being finished, the ones that don’t work out (are buggy, op etc.) can be removed or tweaked.


duck, thanks for this.

At the moment i’m debating between a nerf/removal entirely. As we are still in testing, I’ll likely put a nerf in and see how we go in the next few days. I am leaning toward removing the mod entirely though.

Dead Pigeon


Keeps out mobs and muffin

You know if ccx adds this mod he will then have no reason to add ICBM?

as much as i want ICBMs, they are missiles, not turrets, (unless there are turrets idk)
and as powerful as a nuke is, rejuvination missiles are just as powerful, except it reverts the chunk back to how it was before anything happened

Greifing should be allowed and there should be lots of defence mods because of this

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griefing should be bannable because its sad to have your work to be destroyed by some kids

yeah, but claiming exists if you dont want any combat
and there are defense mods like forcefields, dunno how effective they are, but ya know, fucking forcefields, yeah

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ICBM has turrets and CCX said he would only add it for turrets.