Minecraft Modded - Rules

Minecraft modded Rules

  1. Griefing

You are not allowed to grief other peoples building or structures. This includes destroying/placing blocks that will ruin the build they have made. This will lead to a perma ban and you will be unable to join to play.

  1. PVP

Unless agreed to, killing others and taking their loot is not allowed. You may agree to PVP for fun or to take loot, but this must be agreed upon beforehand. You will be kicked for doing so and mutlie offences will lead to banning

  1. Farms

Creating too large a farm will lead to removal of all mobs.

3.1 Mobs

Do not have more than 50 mobs in a chunk. Do not try to lag out the server with giant farms.

3.2 Ender IO Quarries

You may only have one active ender IO Quarry running at once.

  1. Lag machines

Avoid making machines or set up that create too much lag. If we find your machines making to much lag we may be force to turn it off/destroy it.

  1. Trolling

Unless agreed upon before hand, Do not perform trolls on each other. If the person would not like what your going to do, it’s trolling, Be careful that your trolls do not cross into griefing

  1. Harasment

Don’t harass people, and don’t target people with toxicity. Throwing around occasional bad words is fine, we all do, but targetting people with it is not allowed. Temp bans will be used if you go too far

  1. Exploting

Finding ways to duplicate/Become invinsible/Go around spawn protecions and generally breaking the server is banned and not allowed. you will need to be able to prove you go to where you are with some proof if suspision arrises. Perma bans will be given out for abuse of this

  1. Creative mode allowances

This is a casual server, so small creative mode fixes are well allowed i will come and help you in creative mode in the following circumstances.

  1. If you have an inneficent system and have the technology to do so i may create/upgrade your system for you
  2. If your building hurts my eyes i may offer to make it look better
  3. Incase of lag or bugs that make you lose your items with proof. they will be returned to you

The rules may be expanded on when people give good sugestions.

Enjoy the server!

CCX edit:

The idea with this server is to create a fun/calm envirroment that people can enjoy. Am I saying that you 100% won’t get griefed/have stuff stolen? No of course not - you should still be careful where to put your base and I’m asking for a basic sense of maturity for those who choose to play. I know that’s a lot to ask of some but hey, it’s worth a go right?

Am I saying that we will deal with people who are known to be doing this? Yes of course - I’m not afraid to ban people, and several people I deem to be trusted also have the abilty to ban.


Nice that griefing is handled so strictly! :]

epic time for claim big area so no one can build because that is griefing my build

well no basically im monkey

Noooooo but griefing made it soo fun :frowning: you’d have to protect your home and hide it that way and now all the fun is taken.
@Torterra1111 is truly the fun warden

The P in HarrysCraft stands for peaceful, remember that!

The f in harryscraft stands for your house and dogs

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This is the peacefull server
If this goes well we may have the PVP server.


Yeah but everyone freaked out any time something did happen.

Exactpy because hours of work and farming woupd just blow up ajd be gone


Also i’m hacking, catch me if you can

Rules in regards to witchery and binding poppets to people?

can we get an f for everyone who spent ages building bases underground or the ocean (rip aj)

i dont feel like the “griefing” and PVP rules make any sense
i would understand if we could mark places as important such as massive builds and peaceful places (such as when we raided heskans base and left the nice looking lighthouse) which if then destroyed i would then understand bans but if we raid and “grief” bases or places where people obliviously haven’t put much time/effort into i dont feel like the bans would be necessary.This kind of feels like a dummed down boring version of the other server as it would have some good potential with some fun PVP mods.
i do agree with the not taking loot from dead bodies

and please make the map smaller i was sick of being stuck in being such a boring place and not seeing anyone else apart from aj’s and dans retarded skins

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If you read the previous comment from me in replying to cranger, this is the peacefull server.
Some people (like me) Dont want a PVP server. If thats your thing then go ahead but not here.

there is planned to maybe get a PVP server but this aint it


but where is the old server?
(i havent been active much these weeks)

dead asf lol


imagine a server having rules

Imagine a functioning PVP server with factions