Minecraft Phase 2, Voting

Alright it’s voting time!

Im going to quickly describe each one. we have 5 choices with each one having a different focus. It is recommended you take a look at the link but if you cant be bothered there is a TL:DR.

Mythic - https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/kinetic-mythic-modpack.1307077/permissions
Mainly a Magic focused modpack Has lots of exploration options and unique magic mods. It does have some tech mods. All in 1.7.10
Main mods of note
Thaumcraft, The Aether 2, Rouge-like dungeons, Blood magic, Thermal foundation, Botania, Big reactors, Tinkers Construct

Ultra Modded Survival - https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ultra-modded-survival-101.698929/mods
The captain sparklez Modpack.
This is a very Large Pack with main different mods. with afew over arching packs. All in 1.7.10
Main Mods of Note
Ars Magica 2, Build Craft, Divine RPG (This is a large mod), GalacticCraft, RailCraft, Tinkers Construct, Twilight Forest, Witchery

Direwolf - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/ftb-presents-direwolf20-1-12
This is a Balanced pack with a fair balance of Tech and Magic mods all in 1.12.1
Main mods of note
Blood magic, Thaumcraft, Immsersive engineering, Tinkers construct, Extra utlities 2, Ender IO, Thermal expansion

Sky Factory 4 -https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/skyfactory-4
The newest sky factory is a Skyblock with huge progression and mods to work though. Now with a more tailered experiance. this will be much better in teams. All in 1.12.1
Mods of note.
Tinkers Construct, Mekanism, Prestige system, Blood magic, Draconic evoloution

Sev tech ages - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/sevtech-ages
This is a very Long and progressive modpack where you will slowly grow into new and powerfull tech. each age gives better way to do things and more unique mods to explore. All in 1.12.2
I wouldn’t want to spoil progression so no mods of note. but you are free to peek.

VOTING. Pick one. A run off vote will occur if there is a Tie

  • Mythic
  • Sev-Tec-Ages
  • Direwolf
  • Skyfactory-4
  • Ultra-Modded-Survival

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Wedesday CCX will return so it should be up latest Friday.
Have fun!

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vote for mythic you fucks


no i want science

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Sky factory doesnt have Thaumcraft. if you want to play that mod dont vote for skyfactory 4

Mythic looks awesome

why do i get dragged into this shit (also vote skyfactory or die)


skyfactory has bullshit draconic in it which is fun draining so naow


sevtec is quite boring for the first like 50+ hours you play it


sky factory 4 is too much grund and too tryhardy

i eat soup with a fork

Typical this starts right before my exam season starts…


ultra modded or direwolf imo


I aim to have the server ready for launch on Friday 3rd - the IP will be mc.harry.gg

Instructions on how to install the pack will be provided beforehand, as well as the updated rule set.

Thanks to all who voted, and stay tuned for further updates!