Minecraft server IS LIVE!


Today is the big day - the new ‘Mythic’ modded Minecraft server is now LIVE!

Want to join? You’ll need the Mythic modpack from the Technic Launcher. Don’t know what that means? Check out - How to play on the MC server - Technic Launcher

Server’s IP is mc.harry.gg

Please be patient - I’ve done some testing but there may be unexpected issues. You should also note that there will be SOME lag initially whilst the chunks are generated. I’ve already pre-loaded a reasonable amount but we’ll see, eh?

If you have an issue - please report to me or one of the MC admins. Spawn has some protection on it so you’ll wanna build your base a little way away.

There will be events/special perks/random giveaways if this proves to be popular.

-Your friendly neighbourhood mic spammer.


Because this is modded do you plan to keep this open longer than the vanilla server was?


are there melons in this modpack?


I intend this to be open-ended so yes it should be up for a fair amount of time.

There may even be a second server depending on popularity

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