(Modded minecraft - mythic) 1st Purge


Ever wanted to fight valienty against you other players? This is your chance to prove yourself.

Welcome to the 1st purge, a one hour PVP Hunting event.

Ruleset - Full assault-ish
No spawncamping.
You will stay in the area untill the even is over. Get a kill for one point.
you will not lose items on death.

Banned items
Any Inventory Pets (Apart from anvil pet, for repairing and not losing gear)
Weapons that are avalibe by cheating

Where - a 500x500 random area
Items supplied - A Bed for you to place, Anvill pet with 64 Iron Nuggets (these will need to be returned)
When - 25th June 2019, 7 till 8 PM GMT

Catch up rule
If you are winning by atleast 5 points i will be hunting you in my gear (i will not be cheating) killing me gives no points but dying puts you back to 2nd place. (i take away points untill your 2nd by one point)
1 hour before the event i will be showing you my (assasins) gear. Be sure to prepare for me if you plan on stomping the competition
You will not be able to see scores.

How to enter - Put you in game name in minecraft as a reply here OR 10 minuets before the event Ping me on the mincraft channel.
1st place 10K Scrap on harrysmod OR 1 Green heart cotainter
2nd place 2k Scrap on harrysmod OR 1 yellow heart container
3rd place One Dirt block with a special name :slight_smile:

I Hope you enjoy!

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aaaaaaaaaaa im winning so i can gamble


I’m furious.




H3skan is in.

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