Moon Man V3

Alright, third time’s the charm, thank you for everyone who gave me advice on how to efficiently produce a good trade thread.

I am willing to trade a Panic Pump shotgun, 30K and this Legendary M1 Garand for Moon man.

Threatening M1 Garand

78.4% Increased Firerate, 94.0% Decreased Recoil, 88.6% Increased Accuracy

I also have some purples that I can throw in, if you are interested and in possession of a Moon man then you may ask to see some of those purples and I will get the valid information for you.

Thank you for reading.


Just saying. You’ll have a higher chance of getting one if you buy a lot of hat loot boxes if you have 30k and if you sell a lot of your purples and the panic pump with that M1 Garand. Buy more of the hat lootboxes. Maybe that’ll help a little if no one is willing to trade you it. If so I’m sorry for your luck.

I don’t think exotics have such a high chance of coming out of hat boxes.


True but for the hat and mask one. You could have a higher chance I think. I dont really know.

The only reason I managed to unbox 3 of them is because on the first day the chances were higher. Ever since I’m pretty sure the rest were gotten from standard

Ok so basically, there’s a let’s say 50% chance you get a hat in a normal box then there’s a small chance a hat will turn into a unusual and then another small chance that unusual will turn into an Exotic
By making both items a hat instead of one or less you essentially double your chance of getting an unusual