Movement Shooters

They’re great I fuckin love them seriously mf go around like a goblin and murder waves of slower beings Ultrakill, Titanfall 2, Dusk I love it all give me movement shooters to play I will probably possibly play them.

I prefer chill actual video games like lobotomy corporation

Boots off ground gameplay is superior to boots on ground gameplay and you cannot convince me otherwise.

This is true with the use of 3 dimensions of movement in movement shooters I find the overall skill cap of the genre to be a much more fun and rewarding experience then with the traditional ““2D”” movement given by most boots on ground with you being a brick sack tied to the floor without many vertical options limiting you to the floor with very few things to improve on other then aim, reaction time and game sense

Titanfall 1 is of course great if you haven’t played it, seeing as how you liked Titanfall 2 I’m sure you’ll like it (once again assuming you haven’t already played it)
Cruelty Squad is a recent favorite of mine, it’s got some quake like movement, similar to Dusk, and while it looks like garbage I promise you it is good (@PerskuleBenener has also recently played it and he seemed to like it as well) store link: Cruelty Squad on Steam
The old school dooms can feel really movement based as well, those are worth a play through. I wish there were more movement based shooters out there, but there simply isn’t.

I would play titanfall 1 if it wasn’t ddosed and I have played Cruelty Squad already

My man calling an anxiety inducing management game filled with eldritch entities


Hell yeah +1

Try r6 siege its great game to sweat when u get above plat but anything below that u will just witness how braindead most of people are.

I would not call rainbow six a movement shooter

Neon White

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