My ban appeal for ghosting

Person who banned you: The Lazy Tank Engineer
Reason for ban: Ghosting
Time of ban: 15/6/19 11:30 BST
Screenshot of ban message: https://imgur.com/i00MgaO
Name: Raulbec123
SteamID: STEAM_1:0:53175117
Reason for appeal: Yes I ghosted and I’m sorry for doing so, I will not repeat this in the future and I will make sure to learn the rules fully. I’m sorry, I feel bad for breaking the rules and for being careless about other peoples enjoyment of the server. Sorry to all the staff that had to deal with me.

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@TheLazyEngineer your call bud

You obviously didn’t read the messages about this. You need to pm the ttt-staff group to do an appeal. Also, it was so damn obvious and you did it in the Hmod discord so LOL