My Ban appeal for harry's mod

Person who banned you: insert blank
Reason for ban:Teaming/Did you ignore the message i put ontop of the screen
Time of ban: 25/07/2019 23:49 PM
Screenshot of ban message : [https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1815143926)
Name: Racor
SteamID: STEAM_76561198968978761
Reason for appeal: i didn’t see the message and i thought he was the traitor so i killed him ):

You JUST lied about it. You resoning on the report was “You were banned from the room.” When i EXPLICITY said to the whole server teaming or claiming the room will lead to a week ban.

  1. lied about the report
  2. Ignored my warning
  3. This is not how you do a ban appeal. you MSG the staff member.

You will serve this week ban, this issue was a big issue and putting my foot down was needed as the pace of the game was being ruined and was excluding players because they play the game is unnacceptable.