My promotion request as a Shit-biscuit

Okay so. I’ve been feeling that I should get the penis rank for a while now. My success in my current role is an indicator of my commitment to excellence and my understanding of what it takes to be a great cuntface. I would embrace the oppurtunity to bring my expertise and insight to the table in a “not inside!” kind of way. I am confident that the cumfuckle community could greatly benefirry from what i have to offery. I feel that I am qualified for this position for several reasons. First of all, I have a complete understanding of the challenges facing a CumMaster since I have been one myself. As you’ve probably read on my application for slur-ranger, I have a ton of experience in this category. And I am confident that I have what it takes to help the other EventDicksters in their daily tasks.

This should be 100 words but I got too bored to continue this. I just want PenisPumper so I can get call out male genitalia gropers, that’s all.

Oh, also. I have shagged way more people than any other titbum in the server. That’s a great reason for promoting me ofc.

Suck my massive penis


i think soldier wants his staff rank back

I shall not.

I agree with this man

Nice Post! The formatting and writing are A+!

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