Need your help with something (winner gets a reward)

So, I’ve been a bit bored, so now I’m looking for a new game to play. Been looking for a while, haven’t managed to find anything yet, so I’m turning to you guys. The one that finds a good one that I’d actually enjoy will get 10k scrap. Might not be much, but all you pretty much have to do is just simply type in the name of some games. However, there’s some requirements, which is the following

Genre: No fps games. I’d prefer it to be strategy or rpg or something like that, but other genres are also acceptable

Has to be on PC

I’d prefer that it’s on steam, but it’s not required.

Can be both singleplayer or multiplayer, doesn’t matter.

Price: Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s worth the price.

Game has to been released, Early access is fine aswell.

That’s pretty much it, good luck, thx for the help :stuck_out_tongue:


Factorio - literally an amazing nerdy industry/factory.

(Try the free demo first on Steam)


Dead by Daylight, Binding of Issac, Ultimate Chicken horse, Castle Crashers.

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amazing strat stealth game. ( strat/stealth - 20 euro’s)

Really different game for once, pretty good(parkour game-10 euro’s)


Goat simulator, I Am Bread.

If you like racing, Forza horizon 3 is fantastic

Rust is also good. If you fancy something completely different, try the lego movie videogame.



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Rainbow Six Seige

Best of all time.

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I tried it, but it wasnt really my style. it was alot of managing, like " do this to get the best outcome of this" and so on.

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played them all already

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Now this actually looks a bit interesting. Top one so far xD


Played them all, finished them (except forza, get sort of bored after some time with racing games xD)

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got it already. got alot of playtime on it already and sort got bored of it. I’m not really into shooter games anymore, looking for other genres :stuck_out_tongue:

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i would say that both are very good games

Invisible inc is amazing, i’ve enjoyed it a lot. the game is EXTREMELY hard (the game even tells you about that you will fail numerous times), so if you play the game for the first time i’d say play on easy(ironic huh), since you can replay missions, in normal mode there is permadeath

and mirror’s edge is… mirrors edge. just run around doing cool stunts or escaping cops

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I play a lot of rogue like games, I’m a big fan of permadeath apparently.

Here are some of my favorites, though.

  • Risk of Rain
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Nuclear Throne
  • Teleglitch (I play Die More Edition)
  • FTL: Faster Than Light
  • Caveblazers

I have only beaten Risk of Rain and Nuclear Throne (And maybe FTL) out of the games in that list. The replay ability in all of them is pretty good, even if you have beat them, since it’s all random and all the runs end up being a little different.

The difference between Teleglitch and Teleglitch: Die More Edition is that one of them is harder and one of them doesn’t have a certain item(s) in it.

Other games that aren’t Rouge-like that I play and liked (that also aren’t FPS)

  • Viscera Cleanup Detail
  • Kingdom
  • Project Zomboid

Viscera Cleanup Detail is literally just a long ass cleaning game where you pick up like body parts and stuff and clean up blood and stuff from different sites.

Project Zomboid is a post-apocalyptic simulation game where you are a surviver and try to last a long time.

Kingdom is a game where you try to survive as long as you can as well, but you have to like expand your kingdom from nothing and take out these portals that these imp things spawn out of every night. They try to kill you.

I’ll leave some links to games down below.



Good luck.

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Human Fall Flat. Mount Your Friends. Gang Beasts. Ben and Ed’s Blood Party. Astroneer. If you like sandbox stuff Trailmakers. Darwin Project looks good, but I think it’s still in alpha.


I really like Dying Light. It’s like Mirror’s edge, But with zombies. It has online multiplayer, and there are 10 free dlcs. A fun game all the way around. It has a fun story and parkour is a big part of survival. I wouldn’t consider this a fps, as navigation is really the key part of gameplay.

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I’ve played some of those games. But Teleglitch is one I haven’t and it looks really interesting (thx for providing the links btw)

Gonna take a closer look on that game, thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:



10 character crap

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I have all of them and finished all of them. Still waiting for more updates to Astroneer, really fun game. Anyways, Darwin project is a battle royale game and there’s already way too many of those out there. But that this one has special abilites actually makes it a bit more interesting. But I think I’ll skip it for now since it’s still in alpha and all.

Thx for the suggestions :slight_smile: