New Events

Hey everyone!

It’s your friendly neighborhood duck comin at ya with a a few things. I’ve taken some feedback from a few people around the server and have to come to realize some of our events may be getting a little stale. And to follow a discussion thread on the discord, here’s what I got.

I’m lookin for some new event ideas! @Bonzo has already given me a couple as well as @bluboy2012 . So special hats off to them and for helping test out some things for a new upcoming event I’m planning. But I’d like to hear from more of you! This server wouldn’t be where it is without the players and its up to us to help give you a fun experience (sometimes we ban people too). So if anyone has any neat ideas, suggestions for existing events, or even just wants to say one sucks. Please say so! I’m trying to do what I can to help make these more enjoyable for all of you.


Hello, yes I love you and this idea and this is wonderfull duck wing much cool but I have no ideas.
buut im sure many do have ideas and if not im going to burn down their houses.

b ut if minecraft server is back make scrap rewards like insert did, farm 20 diamonds and send a picture for like 10k scrap or something

that would be fun ig.

newton launcher 1v1s are also cool

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Wheelchair race - don’t need explaining really, would probably be a shitshow

Predator - cloaked boss with disguiser, jetpack and radar, can only use crowbar, has decent amount of health 2-3k or so, other players gets turned into detectives with a 10 credits or so each, to buy proximity activators or whatever they are called, to be able to easier detect and shoot the predator.

High speed round - everyone get a ton of speed, but event master freezes and unfreezes everyone at random


on an unrelated note to this post
expecta hide and seek event soonish

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Russian roulette but with !ignite : players randomly get ignited until there is 1 person left and they win (or have 2 people left and they duel / 1v1 some how)

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russian roulette but with spin the wheel, put all names on a random generator, if it lands on your name, you die

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Super grav round (2x if you have moon man lmao)