New Exotics Hat/Mask Ideas!

Hey everyone!

So it’s getting close to our birthday event, and I thought It’d be a fun idea to let the community help!

As many of you know, our exotic hats/masks are pretty limited, so we’re reaching out to YOU for whatever ideas you may come up with! If we happen to like your idea and make it, you will of course be compensated WITH that new exotic and 30k Scrap on the server of your choice.

So don’t hold out, hit us with your best shot.



All names or ideas are free to be changed to match ingame balance, ive only suggested numbers however i cannot say how strong they will be without proper testing. Also, i will be editing the message as more ideas come into my head, so keep posted. And whoever wins, please make sure its an idea with a mask. We need more exotic masks ffs

Falling in Reverse - Mask
Heals the user based on them falling, (taken from damage value) however it disables goombastomp damage and adds a passive increase to some form of damage (could be fire and explosions could do more damage, or just plain ole damage like gambler)

The Fleshling - Mask or hat
Similar to vamp investigator in that it affects bodies, however it works different in that you can consume a body to hide it, at a cost of -15 hp per body you eat. Every body consumed can buff your raw physical stats such as jump height, speed, and gives a small fall damage reduction basedon the amount of bodies consumed ( Example, 1 body could mean 3% jump boost, 2% speed, 5% fall damage reduc.) Max amount of bodies that can be consumed in one life should be 5 ( 25% jump boost, 15% speed boost, 35% fall damage reduction. Relatively low and negligible, but useful enough to be worth running if you find yourself able to use it often) Also, while it is worn the user cannot be healed by health stations.

Corvo’s Mask - Hat / Mask (@Assassin would like this one)
Rightfully killing (meaning it wont work if an inno kills an inno, only on T vs inno or inno vs T situations) someone at 100% hp will instantly disintegrate (will have a large particle effect, so itll be noticeable when it happens if you are looking, but the body will disappear very quickly so it can’t be ID’d) the body (You can use the effect from the one gun that fires the laser ball)

Goose Head - Mask (My personal favorite of these ideas)
Allows the user to walk on water, and intermittently “quacks” or “honks” while the user is wearing it. Oh, also provides some slow healing while standing on water (+5 hp every 30 seconds, value can be changed for balancing sake)

Prop Acceleration Device - Hat
Boosts the speed of props thrown by the wearer by (insert balanced value here) (if too op for normal players, still a decent staff abuse exotic idea lol)

The Birthday Boy - Hat
Occasionally drops small health packs with the tf2 cake prop as a model, allows whoever runs into the cake to be healed a small amount of hp (As it stands rn, there is 0 way to heal yourself ingame without either leeching trig or a health station. Cupid bullets don’t work, so this won’t end up being a stupidly strong combo with that, and leeching has a fair drawback to keep this from being an entirely viable combo)

Stasis Helmet - Hat
Applies some sciencey bullshit that makes you run 50% faster but lowers your max health by 50. (Numbers should probably be changed, but main idea would prob work)

The True Infinity - Hat
Anytime you shoot and inflict damage on a player/npc, refills the current clip to max (cooldown on how often this can happen, probably around 2-3 seconds to make clips capable of being inf if they have a lower fr, and would encourage builds like a heavy damage huge that doesnt run out of ammo quite as easy, but also has a slight reduction to damage). -20% damage passively on all weapons.

Reverse Recoil - Mask
Meme concept, reverse all recoil to instead throw the mouse downwards, similar to the pull90 on main. This will have no purpose other than to be stupid and random, and confuse people who get it

Gravity’s Bitch - Mask
Everyone you kill gets their corpse flung in a random direction, because that would be hilarious to watch. Fuck you Newton, gravity isn’t even real anyways.


this is a really cool idea except it inadvertently buffs jetpack and super bullets by removing their fall damage consequence

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An exotic mask that strips you to your crowbar (like the halloween trick) but gives you massive movement speed, a big health boost, jump boost and fall damage resistance


they dont really have a fall damage consequence as is, because anyone who’s used them before can easily avoid fall damage, however it would buff them too far. Just make it not work with jetpack or super bullets, or better yet, remove jetpack and nerf the fuck outta super bullets (limit what guns they can be put on to just secondarys, and set a max damage boost), they are both really strong and in need of balancing

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gotta admit this would be pretty strong on genesis with the crowbars you can make over there, especially with jetpack existing. and as for main, rabworc + speedboost seems like it would get real broken real fast.

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Fuse’s Fleshing idea sounds amazing,

Bandolier Mask

All weapon magazines hold twice as much ammo but the extended bullets you get have more recoil and less dmg


Groucho Glasses - Mask
Players killed no longer call out/yell similar to how the knife’s kills are silent. Can add a debuff like lower reserve ammo capacity to disincentivise camping in enclosed areas and stacking up kills.

Similar to this you could have a bandolier type item that increases reserve capacity instead. But this might be too close in functionality as Infinity.

DOOM Guy Mask/Hat
Killing people explodes them into giblets, could maybe add some doom sound effects to it aswell. Some drawback aswell would be needed since I doubt you can identify a pile of gore.

Scavenger Mask
Picking up ammo crates whilst at full reserve ammo (currently nothing happens when you walk over them) heals you for a very small amount (1-5hp). I could maybe see some maps running out of ammo very fast if this were a thing so a cap on total healing could be added?

Surgeon Mask
DNA left on corpses expires faster, preferably by a %rate rather than a flat rate to prevent it going straight to 0 at certain ranges.

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Name: Idc u decide
Make hat/mask that makes u start with reduced movement speed and for every kill u get faster. For example start with -30% speed and get 10% for every kill. Ofc only non-rdm kills would give speed.

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Sputter: Converts gun to full auto (works on semi-auto’s only), however when shot will drain the entire mag, you can’t switch to other weapons while doing this.
Good for a last resort kind of weapon!

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Speed demon

Basically a gambler but for movement speed.

The lower your health is the faster you move. It can be incredibly balanced by his own design since you risk to kill your self costantly at higher speed due to fall damage.

For the sake of balance (and fun) it should make you 1% faster per each point of HP missing

Or, for the sake of semplicity. Once you pass the 50 HP threshold you gain 2% movement speed per HP point missing.

Imo it shouldn’t have any side effect other then increased recoil (make sense, you are going really fast)


idfk what to call it.
weapon reload times are based on the amount of ammo left in the clip,
the more ammo in the clip the faster the reload,
if the clip is empty then reload time is doubled,
but if you use 1 bullet the reload time is halved
something like that
encourages you to do what you already do, reload unnecessarily but now its good!
you could also make the opposite but that seemed too OP

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Alien it makes ur gravity as the moon man and makes u faster. (Hat idea)

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Speed hat that reduces your friction, grenade hat that helps you throw farther/gives more grenades, health hat that gives x2or x3 increased fall damage(too heavy), mask that reduces damage from fire/shock/explosions

Also if you do make any of mine, you should use a hat/mask i created :wink:

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Regen hat
slowly regenerate health points
but because you are healing the entire time you are also slower

melee hat

can only use crowbar but user has more hp and speed

chicken hat
super fast speed but has low hp
because you are chicken and run away idiot


SAM turret: Mask that does more damage to players in the air. Attempting to throw a grenade/use newton or poltergeist blows yourself up (how are you gonna launch explosives with a sam strapped to your face?)


Mask that negates dmg boost (makes all guns do stock damage against you), makes all your guns do stock damage as well.

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Mask that replaces all your gun noises with obnoxious fart sounds


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bro hits us with the -q like hes from star trek :skull:

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