New rank{helper}


A rank which allows trusted people to handle reports. Ofcourse without giving them admin rights or something. Just a few specific rights.


In my eyes you’re either suitable for being a staff member or not at all. There’s no in between- if I think someone is suited for staff member and they want to be a staff member they get staff rights.


It’s called operator.

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I get what you mean. I just brought this up as a way to counter most rdmers without getting more admins to have them on 24/7. I think reporting people wont do anything except getting them banned and most of the rdmers dont deserve a ban just a slay.


i agree with woof though a lot of time like at weekends there are no admins or operators on and is rdm hell so even if we could at least report them without admins online and the system saves it for an admin to view later it would make it a lot easier


Seems just like the member rank to be honest.


I agree with the addition of a helper rank. I’ve seen on many TTT servers where there are several tiers of staff ranks. From what I’ve seen, Operator is the rank you get when you apply for staff and are approved. They get basic disciplinary commands such as ban, kick, mute and gag. From what I’ve read above, the server is chaotic during the weekends when no staff are online. My suggestion is that you include a lower rank for players to apply for with only certain commands such as !votegag/mute or !voteban or !kick. This could help reduce the amount of RDM when staff are absent and make the server more functional on the weekends. I’m new and I don’t have any insight on what the admins are planning to add to the server so I am just throwing this idea out there. Of course if any player with this “helper” rank is caught abusing their powers, they would be revoked immediately and possibly reinstated after an investigation of both parties.

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