New reward box

Hear me out but I think we need a new Mega reward box or something to either reward us for every 50 or 100 levels that reward us with a higher chance to get better stuff.
I think this would be a good idea as it is giving a bigger reason for players to grind out levels and quests to get higher up and get more rewards.
What’s everyone’s opinion on this?
and what do you think this reward box should be called?


interesting idea but it should be every 50 levels

What like something like the MVP crate?
Or maybe something like a guaranteed Epic+/Legendary???

Would be a fun incentive to level up more, although I’m already 21k levels in so I would be a bit late to the party

yes something more rewarding than an mvp crate tho, They might need to add a rule where level 9 millions get banned from getting the crates only fair :rofl: