New Traitor Item Idea?


Could their potentially be a T item that allowed you to plant the DNA of 1 person on all your victims. Personally it would seem like a good way to lead the Det off track a little. Ngl it does seem a bit retarded but u know, I thought I’d just put the idea out there.


that could lead to a rdm train/fest. it would be better to make the bubble appear 5/10 meters away from the killer


or a weapon to burn the body and get rid of dna…oh wait a minute.


Yeah but that doesn’t put sus on innocents.


It also doesnt get them rdmed.

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I can see your concern here, but there could be ways for this to be combated.

The introduction of logs outlining the usage of the tool in question, and a teeeeensy tweak of the karma algorithm to acknowledge DNA trickery, meaning these problems are rectified.


If this was possibe (or harry could be bothered) he would/should of done it for the moonman - jetpack clash and the consequential rdm from their clashing ability.


I would contest that the floaty nature of the moonman physics make it distinctive from that to a jetpack, meaning that those who kill people for using moonman haven’t taken the time to investigate properly.


While I agree, the amount of people who still are ignorant to the fact that Moonman exists leads to it happening a lot more then it should. I feel that, to help lower the amount of rdms due to exotics, there should be a list of exotics and what they do that pops up alongside the rules when a person joins the server.

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