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The current weapon system is heavily based on RNG. Outside of corrupted weapons, you cannot do specific stat changes to a weapon. As such, there is a lack of connection to guns and also little incentive to work towards better guns. Through this suggestion, I hope to present an idea for a new weapon system that addresses both of these issues. Every value/cost listed in here is an example.

This system is based around building your own weapons. There are two parts to this: Weapon Parts and Weapon Templates. To begin with, we’ll start with Weapon Parts.

Weapon Parts

Weapon Parts are items that you obtain from a new Lootbox, the Part Lootbox. Parts are placed into the slots contained in Weapon Templates. Any Part can fit into any slot that is of the same type, for example any Barrel Part can fit into any Barrel slot. Taking a Part off of a weapon does not mean you lose the part. The only way to get rid of parts is scrapping or trading.

Weapon Parts come in various rarities. They will be as follows:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

The higher the rarity, the larger the stat changes. A Common Part might have only +5% Damage, but a Rare could have +15% and -10% Range.

Mythical Parts are unique, as they are what allow you to make use of…

Special Modifiers

Max level Templates contain a slot dedicated to Special Modifier Parts. These have powerful unique effects, including some seen on Exotic weapons like Burst-fire or Slowing down targets, but come with large downsides to compensate. Here are some example Special Modifiers.

  • Burst-Fire x2/3: Gives the gun the specified amount of burst shots, lowers recoil, lowers firerate.
  • Double-Shot: Each shot fires 2 bullets at once, but lowers damage and firerate. Cannot be obtained on Shotguns.
  • Laser: Accuracy is perfect, head-shot multiplier is fixed at 1.5 no matter the weapon, and firerate is lowered.
  • Tranq: Hit targets have a 10% slowdown, damage is lowered. This cannot stack.

If you do not want to use a Special Modifier, there will be a generic Part type that will also be able to fit into that slot.

Custom Weapon Example


+50% Recoil Reduction
+30% Firerate
+25% Muzzle Velocity
+20% Accuracy
+20% Damage
+20% Range
+10% Push Force
-20% Clip Size

Special Modifier: Tranq – 10% slowdown on targets (does not stack)

Weapon Templates

You need a Weapon Template to be able to create/modify your custom weapons. Templates can be used as many times as you want. Both Templates and Template slots are locked, and have to be bought using…

Modifier Points

Modifier Points are a new currency that is earned at a rate of 1 per 10 rightful kills. These are used to purchase Weapon Templates and open Template slots, and can also be used as an alternative way to buy the Parts Lootbox if you already have all of the templates.

Template Progression

There are 4 levels to each template. To unlock them, you must meet the required conditions. These are listed below, using the SG550 as an example, and also show the amount of slots available in that level:

  • SG550 1: 3 slots, costs 5 Modifier Points
  • SG550 2: 5 slots, costs 10 Modifier Points, requires 15 kills with a custom SG550 with 3 or less Parts.
  • SG550 3: 7 slots, costs 15 Modifier Points, requires 25 kills with a custom SG550 with 5 or less Parts.
  • SG550 Max: 9 slots, costs 25 Modifier Points, requires 50 kills with a custom SG550 with 7 or less Parts.

Upgrading a Template will keep your unlocked slots. A custom weapon does not need to be rebuilt when you upgrade it’s Template, as you can modify your existing weapons.

How it would look in the inventory

Grey Templates are ones that either cannot be afforded or you don’t meet the requirements to unlock it yet. Crossed out Part slots need to be unlocked, which you can do so by clicking on the slot. “Stats” allows you to see the specific stats of the weapon based on the modifications you have made. Ticking the “Guns” box on the right will allow you to see all of your current custom weapons.


This weapon system would encourage players to stick around longer as it offers both a sense of progression and customization. Currently there is little progression aside from praying to RNG/buying your way to the best weapons, and thus is not fulfilling. Being able to build and customize your weapons would help players to be more invested in their weapons. This would also allow for guns to have much more than 3 different increased stats while being easier to regulate the upper levels of power, by keeping damage and firerate either lower in value compared to other boosts, or giving the parts with those boosts larger downsides.


this would require a total rework of the default weapons, considering currently they are balanced for massive stat modifiers, not relatively small changes to many stats
also it would kinda just make the server more samey compared to other servers with inventory systems (moat and FRG) as they have very similar systems focusing around smaller stat boosts and unique modifiers (similar to ‘special modifers’)
i dont have anything to suggest, but i think that a more inspired approach to a rework should be considered

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I really like that idea for that reason

I think this would be very hard to do, as duck already pointed out, but i think it would be worth it!
The new concept would be fresh and encourage ppl to put time into it

i definetly agree that a big rework is needed since i kinda got bored of the server because of some things i have mention before:

re-rolls make max stat legendaries (or even purples) fairly common
good corrupteds are extremely rare because of a few reasons:
no re rolls
the negative stat has to be on range maybe reload and in very few cases recoil for it to be viable for essence (many stats such as muzzle velocity are totally nonviable to be changed with essence due to the absurd negatives)
nobody will ever sell them unless they don’t have a clue because of the reasons mentioned above
This is a bad thing because good corrupteds are basically the fucking end-all-be-all of the server because after a hefty essence boost they become max-stat, highly specialized, killing machines (see figure: remember, no russian nobrain’s m60). New players have no way of getting them: even if they are lucky enough to get them, know enough to not let a rich person snipe them off them, they still have the grind for essence. While if you have a couple 100k scrap lying around which you can use to buy the essences, new players are not so lucky, Meaning that, despite them being extremely lucky, the game is punishing them for being so lucky by not letting them use their gun - instead making them use ‘vessels’ - guns that are purposely designed to be hard to use.

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First, I’ll say that this is not inspired by other servers since I don’t play on other servers.

Second, we can base these off of a separate set of base weapons. Have a second set with different values that this system would call to.

Third, it’s not a rework, it’s a second system to go alongside the current. Both systems would exist at the same time.

Fourth, how isn’t it inspired? This was made from the ground up based on my ideas of a weapon crafting system. I haven’t experienced that in any game before because I haven’t played any with it, so I haven’t been taking ideas from elsewhere.


really want this
give please yes


Yes, nice, now its time to do a 365 day stream

L4 gib me cake
Also please buff vessels, its extremely boring when using them

I like the idea. It reminds me of one of Inserts old idea kinda like this one. The progression sounds great, but the whole thing sounds kinda complicated. If there is nothing explaining how it works, I doubt a lot of new players would use it. It also seems like this would give existing players with good weapons a bigger advantage because it would be harder for new players to get better weapons as the weapon pool would be diluted with all these parts, while the old players already have good weapons.


Obviously it needs a lot of refining. There would be a tutorial for it (that isn’t forced upon first joining), so we wouldn’t have to worry about that part.

Ideally the market would have an option for weapon parts/custom weapons, and an option for standard weapons, so that this wouldn’t be as much of an issue. Steps would be taken to make sure that the parts aren’t diluting the pool, by keeping the standard and custom weapons separate.

Yeah after finishing the diagrams yesterday I remembered Insert’s old suggestion. However they are definitely quite different in execution, and I also completely forgot about it lol.