Niffum introduction


hello I have the name of a cake I must be retarded. not wrong but give me your scrap and souls. aha I’m level 1200+ but I shall never make a proper introduction.


Who tf is this low level scrub


i havent seen you once play on hmod/harry’s mod.


You smell gay

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MuffiN? U never saw him? Lmao


Just to be clear my famas is not named after this muffin for all you cretins :slight_smile:


Hello Milo Muffin.

Welcome to Harry’s Mod.
Please Mind the Gap.


What? There are two muffins? This is not the helper MuffiN? [insert visible confusion noise here]


there are two muffins yes

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Muffin in my gf’s nickname :joy::joy:


very epic (10 charaters)

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Im sorry but what kind of name is muffin


complicated nickname

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