No MC server


REMOVE the rart ass mc server and instead replace with crummy cradle and waterworld only server especially ass the MC server is basically the pit of nothingness yes sireeee

  • Yes this should happen!
  • Im mc rart and think it shouldnt >:(((((

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Then where the fuck are the rarted supposed to be then


Nowhere that is the point they will die


me at school :slight_smile:


JBBB Hello aj me too this is epic


I’m in science and im supposed to be revising, i am more epicer


I am in a revision lesson too bro but i on games and talking to rart mc players yes manTRIAnGLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Epic time, I’m trying to work out how to take pictures on a chrome book so I can show you my epic class ;))
But everything is blocked and I can only get the the camera by changing my profile picture, yikess


This wasn’t a shitpost @RhysRaptor mr


Well it most certainly seems to be.


mc is a money making machine


Shit post from a shit person :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:


Honestly get fucking steralised


Who even are you? :joy::joy:

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