North American Server


Harry’s mod is fun and all but when everyone on the server hops off at around 1600 and you have that slightly higher ping it gets kind of annoying for us NAers, my suggestion would be to get a server around the Montreal, CA area because you can reach most of the US and Canada at the same time and get a larger player base that way.

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Im not a geologist but wouldnt that be further away from europe?


I have a degree in zooooooology and NA is located in North Africa


Thats closer to europe right?
Also my brain thought NA was New Angeles
Dont ask


I’m like 80% sure the idea is for a new server based in America to make it easier to reach a bigger playerbase, rather than make it harder for European players.


Thanks! english is hard.

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I absolutely hate the american people so i believe this is not good.

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haha shut up yank, move to europe or just plug your computer into the transatlantic cable idiot :frowning:


writing my departing thread right now.


geologists study rocks youre thinking of a geographer


I’m not a grammar-prof either


that has nothing to do with grammar its probably just because my iq is about 100 higher


So you admit having an IQ of just 100?