Obs testing

.This is NOT a post to mock/bullshit/complain about the inserted game play clip

did this shit even work? XD

Extra notes so no one is confused:
.There was NO editing involved
.I have my own mic muted in OBS due to it being partially broken
.This is NOT a report as it is in the “shit post” section
.The main reason for this post was to test what things (video based) worked and what did not on the harry.gg site
.This is NOT a post to mock/bullshit/complain about the inserted game play clips as the video that worked is VERY controversial and confusing who was in the right and who was in the wrong and I will not BLAME or REPORT the “players” involved as “it is a GAME not a court” — “insert blank here”

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And you willingly let him do this? hmm seems alright to me

it is still rdm with no valid reason

“hey! someone is trying to kill me, let me just stand still and allow them to do this, then report them for something that I could have prevented! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))”

well he’s always done it and i told him what i was doing but precisted to do it anyway

did you report both of my posts because I had valid point.

What ze fuck is going on


So, you leave out the beginning of the round where you false kosed someone just because they rdmed you last round, you also leave out my response to your report that explains the entire situation, let’s also not forget that you let me do this even tho you KNEW that I was going to kill you.

Mate, you just posted a video without context expecting the staff to believe this.

4 things 1: nothing you said is true 2: this is NOT a report and is only a OBS TEST if you can fucking read :laughing: 3: it’s a game, calm down and 4:

sniff sniff
I smell salt

I’m referring to the title of the video and everything I said is true, staff can see the report for themselves and watch deathscenes.

You say I’m salty yet you bothered to record me, title the video “Alastor the Executioner RDM” and upload it, surely you’re the one salty here mate.

Im just gonna stop this cuz I honestly don’t give a .5 of a fuck :laughing: chow chow :wave:

If you don’t care then don’t waste your time recording then uploading this.

Read the title
And not of the video numbnuts :smile:

My point still stands, if you don’t care then don’t waste your time doing this shit.

It was a test my man not a report now fuck off to your shite shack :kissing_heart:

Nice not caring.

Stop crying, both of you.