Office's ban appeal


here is a screenshot of my ban: https://ibb.co/rG911WH
I got banned for Ghosting by a Helper called paddy who we had only been playing for 2 rounds with. He had killed my friend and there were only 5 of us in game: Paddy, Excel (my friend), Brandonsiemreparkour (idk if i spelled his name right), some other guy, and me.
Paddy killed Exel which i witnessed but did not see his name however brandon and the other guy were no where near where Excel died and saw them in the distance coming over to the death scene. I then call sus on Paddy because of this as i was not 100% sure it was him as he could have had a teleporter or something. He then says in chat that is all I need and goes ahead and bans me an Excel. For extra information in the Microsoft Discord server our number 1 rule is no ghosting:


Overall I think this could have been dealt with in a different way like waiting more than 1 round to punish or going about the matter with more of a professional manner by collecting actual evidence first.

Edit: SteamID: STEAM_0:0:120918324
In game name:Office



@Paddy can you help clarify?



Quite straightforward. Firstly I was made aware of the fact that you were in a discord call with each other, though I should state that this in and of itself is not an offence.

It became an offence when I killed Excel with a Super M3. There was a number of issues that came of this:

  • You said that your friend had been killed with a “normal shotgun” (which you later corrected without re-inspecting the body)
  • You found the body about 10 seconds after the original kill, meaning there was no possible way to put suspicion on anybody
  • I heard him giving you the necessary narrative to come to your conclusion over your speakers.

These circumstances are what led to the ban being issued.

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Excel Ban Appeal

All he said is that:Oh hate u thinking it was me that killed him



I saw your original statement of “Welp I died” that you’ve edited out. Nice try. He also didn’t crumble in front of you as you stated.

Furthermore, your statement of everybody being around and the killer running away is complete nonsense. I have a video showing that is a complete lie.



i eddited it out as i consulted him on what he said and ye he did die in front of me, unless you have another monitor with what i see or something i dont think you can tell me what i saw. and please show this video they had came from the light house area when u went down to the water ladder




Revise your statement.

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i aint blind

his body dropped infront of me and u ran away



You didn’t see me at any point and your "sus on paddy call came when I was in the lighthouse (proving that you hadn’t saw me), because that was what was stated to you in your discord call (which I heard through your mic because you’re either using speakers, or headphones that are far too loud).

No need to take screenshots. Everybody can see the altogether more compelling video that has been provided.



i did see you before and was looking to see where everyone was once i had come to a decision i called a sus ( NOT A KOS) Furthermore if i was actually ghosting dont u think I would have called a sus/KOS 15 seconds earlier?



Also thank you for pointing out my headphones are too loud, actually saved my ears.



No. I think you’re more cunning than that and are aware of the typical tell-tale signs of ghosting. It just didn’t work for you here.

Final verdict can be provided by @TTT-Staff



One last thing i would like to add why would i Ghost (which can lead to Perm/2 week ban) on a server that a lot of time these past week or so i have invested in and my only source of enjoyment with friends.




Sadly im going to have to go with Paddys Side
This would of been a different case if you had your mic on push to talk like the server rules said.
How i see the situation and the scene of events is as follows.

Paddy kills a random person and your friend and runs off. You catch hit Hat and his looks but nothing more as proven by scene. As he flew away Paddy hears your friend though the mic saying
“it was a normal shotgun”
“in the water”
“The guy escaped through the water”

Which is ghosting in location. Your friend told you infomation that you shouldnt of known. Then you proceed to Sus of paddy as he enters the light house without proof.
The Bans will stick for one month for this. Do this again and your gone for good.
To be safe i recommend not to be in a discord together as its very easy to let slip details.



I had said it was a normal shotgun, not him??? and that he was in the water.
did u confuse voices?



i said “oh i hate you” because i thought it was office, then i went quite



Overall I think this is a BIG misunderstanding, I was the one that said “it was a normal shotgun”
“in the water”
“The guy escaped through the water”
If you would like to consult brandonsieampreparkour, please do.



I did not mix up voices. One is American and the other is British.



wait do u actually think he said that?? Also he is Norwegian



can you add me on discord or something as i want to talk this out, it would be a lot easier, maybe the harrysMod discord? i am in game 2 and my name is V0LT1X @Paddy