Official Harrys Mod Patch Notes 02/11/18


Currently live on both servers!

Added new gun - M1 Garand. 12 Ammo Gun taking Rifle ammo. Without health and damage boosts in a 1 shot headshot.

Added new exotic - Big Bertha. Disguised as a Huge, this gun will be sure to ramp up the fun for anyone using it!

Bugs Fixes - Harry did his job! Pog Champ

Other things - he wont tell me anything else so i made these for the public :slight_smile:


That’s all fine.




I like how the M1 still levetates in the air after death, like if it would guard the bodys of the fallen.

Press F to pay respect.


Aren’t you furious @Paddy?


I am furious.


The new exotic is totally stupid. Perfect for Harry’s mod…


Wish I wasn’t banned so I could abuse the M1


this is so sad


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