Official Rules -2.0 Update-


Like some people have names that are just random letters or all Russian letters


It must be readable in the common English language. Having a full Russian name is not okay.

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Fair rules but I think it is a bit over complex for new players joining the sever. But still good rules. nun the less.


That might be true, but most of it is just common sense. If you’ve played on a TTT server before, you’ll know like 80% of the rules here already :stuck_out_tongue:


This is more for people who are like “well an admin told me this” or “on x server you can do this”. I trust everyone enough to have common sense but this should hopefully solve most arguments


Thanks for pinning it btw :smiley:


Just an idea but when you said no talking outside the game an exception of this should be discord but a person of trust should be on to listen to them to make sure or something


No you can talk on discord just no ghosting


That’s my point


You can talk, but no ghosting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah i mean how would we stop them from going into a third party chat software anyway


Using it is fine, just dont give out information. And yes its hard to catch someone doing it. But one mistake is enough to get them removed from the server


amazing rules.


@Aldron edit 2.7 to say anyone can start a life check in overtime


Should ask harry first if its ok. I just wrote the rules, if anyone wants anything changed, they have to go through him.


well if the detective is dead then what and liolo was doing it so might as well


Just cause one person does it doesnt make it right xD. But sure I’ll change it a bit later


Should we add that you can’t KOS someone based on cosmetics?? because i hate being disguised and someone says KOS NICK like what the fuck is the purpose of the disguiser?
Multiple people can have the same hat or mask and ruins the game if im hiding back disguised and get KOS’d


I agree that this is really annoying. It almost makes sniping not an option when someone says KOS the snowman guy and then everyone with a snowman hat gets RDMed.