Official Rules -2.0 Update-


Perhaps when you use the disguiser, the hat and mask you wear could go invisible? instead of adding that rule.


Would be easier to just not allow cosmetics to be KOSable unless Harry is up to that


Well, then we should stop discriminating Doppel.


I’ll never stop :fu:


Add that getting caught in crossfire is not a reason to slay.


The following lines have been updated/added

1.9 Exploiting/Glitching

2.2 In-game warnings to players.

2.5 Valid KOS reasons

2.6 Invalid KOS reasons

2.7 Crossfire


Do you find this fun?the last think I would want to do is wright a detailed description of each of the atrocity people could comit


Well, the law has hundreds of pages. Bet you haven’t read a single swntence of it xD. It’s expected that peoplr have somewhat of a common sense, can see the difference of right and wrong. These rules here are just to help you out if you feel unsure. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope and I don’t plan to. I avoid all reading I can


Clearly, as you can’t spell.


1.9 needs to be reworded because you apparently had a stroke while typing that one.


@Aldron this one is a bit weird, if you announce that you are proven by killing a traitor, and then get killed by forgetting to say you have a t weapon, is that valid? Or is it just people that are too dumb to realise that you are proven anyway

I got into an argument the other day about this, i announced that i was proven, and got killed cause i was playing around with a c4. With the reason: you need to announce in chat that you have a t weapon, he knew i was innocent, still failed to understand that even if i was holding t weapons i would still be an innocent


Don’t see what’s weird about it. If you find a T-weapon, you tell everyone you found it to not cause any confusions. A T-weapon is still an item from traitors. playing around with it for the trolls, placing c4 with 5 mins, shooting objects with the poltergeist, using a teleport is all T-baiting. But if you atleast announce it, people will understand that you most likely got it from the T that you killed, giving them a chance to think twice before reacting to it.


Killi is not allowed to leave the server.

The best admins I know


1.2b Sprays




ill spray my cum in u


Does this rule also apply to inno’s and det’s?


I am pretty sure that you are not allowed to camp as inno or detective. But you of course have to try to stay alive. It is the T’s job to kill you. (In reply to CascadeX)


Not as heavily as it does to the ts. Could be that the T cant afford a radar. And then, it could take them the whole round to find that one inno hiding in the corner. The answer above pretty much answers it.