Official Rules -2.0 Update-


Says right there about random nades. If you throw a random incend for no reason at all, you get slain. If you throw one towards a T who might be hiding inside a building, that’s fine. If you throw an incend towards a T who’s in a big group of other innocents, then you’re carelessly throwing it at them, causing damage, possibly the death of random innocents.


The rule has been updated, I recommend that everyone should read it through again.


1.2 Discrimination
Discrimination in any form (sexism, racism, prejudicial remarks) are not permitted on any server.

Literally ban the whole server


foul words are permitted but dont go targetting a specifi person.


well thats me fucked then boys


It was a nice run countdown…


But what if the person is really bad at making trades?


That’s usually pretty obvious.


So we can send scammy trades, but we can’t say anything to back up any reasoning for this? Thats a big owchies for new players with un used and un knownabout loot boxes


Bad how? If you trick them into a trade " I’ll delete your account, inventories will reset anyways so might aswell trade it." Is scamming. But if you offer 50 scrap for a legendary and they accept it thats fine. Not your fault they’re stupid.if you get scammed, you better have some evidence of it or else there’s not much we can do.


Dont understand what you mean


ah I guess I get it. It’s pretty much what I said before. Them being stupid, accepting trades, for example if you give 50 scrap for a legendary and they accept,that’s fine, its just their stupidity. But if you go and say “Accept this 50 scrap for that legendary, it’s way more than it’s worth” or “trade it or I’ll delete your account” or something like that is scamming. I really shouldn’t have to explain this.


Good to see this is going to be ironed out now, it’s about time really.


uhh, that rule has been there since this topic was first posted which is over a year ago. But sure.


Well in that case, I’d like to highlight it as it’s the rule broken most that goes unpunished. :joy:


I won’t take action unless someone has a problem with it. if they do, then say so. I personally dont care what people say, so as long as nobody complains, its all good.


basically you’re allowed to scam but you’re not at all and you’ll get banned over a situation a staff member doesnt like :((( how about just make the rule as you’re not allowed to scam then.

Infact this is a good point,
Having an Open market has it’s perks and problems
as does having a closed market when you can’t scam
but having a mixture of both makes it 20x worse as you don’t know what is and what isn’t allowed.


You’re not. There’s a difference between the two examples I said. If you don’t understand them, then there’s nothing more I can do for you. Don’t ever do a trade and you won’t ever be banned by scamming through trades, that’s always an option.


The only thing that’s made this rule happen based on all the evidence here and how the rule’s worded is you’re not allowed to scam llamalord for his egg launcher because he’s a kid.

inb4 llama’s one of the older players on here


Only reason I put the rule there is cause some people were spoiled at their childhood or something went wrong during that time and never got taught about morals, what’s right and wrong and never understood what common sense is. The rest of the rules are written cause other servers may have different rules, so it’s there to not cause any confusion amongst the players. And the rest is for the special needy children.