Official Rules -2.0 Update-


I mean, there are plenty of people who have been scamming/known for scamming. Please don’t make claims without any evidence. Thanks.

(Note: scamming rules were not written because of any one person or player)


Non of that made sense but nice try anyway, You wont offend me with the whole I know how your lifestory is lmao. It’s obvious that it’s Llama crying made this rule change, there’s nothing about morals here it’s a pixel game. My point before this ended up escalating is that the rule is stated in such a way that it doesn’t really show what is and what isnt scamming, just explaining one situation that did happen.

I will not continue responding if you have nothing constructive to say


Hello :slight_smile: I thought I’d bring up the fact llama is older than me :wink: ajgunstone out


Scamming is intentionally deceiving the person in the trade that the goods they are offering are not as worth as they think. If you tell anyone that their Dual MAC-10s they have is worth nearly nothing and offer them 3k Scrap for it, that’s scamming, as you are INTENTIONALLY deceiving them and giving them a rip off. Its not about being under the age of 13 and being in a safe space, its about not being a fuckhead and trying to cheese your way to loads of scrap and the best guns. Like you said its just pixels in a game, not worth reeeing over, nor is it worth trying to ruin someone else’s day over.


there’s millions of way to scam people, I’m not gonna list them all xD


just dont try and scam or shark lmao


Here’s a TL;DR thing for the rules: DONT BE A DICK

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