Official Rules 3.0: 2019 Edition. (NEW. Forum rules will be in a separate post)

This is already covered in 1.5 - Discrimination

While it’s not explicitly listed, harassment for being a new player or any other applicable circumstance is encapsulated in this rule.


Ah right.

Unless they have moat.gg in their name in which case fire away…Wait I play moat now, SHIT!

what do you mean with ‘‘Targeting’’?

nvm I am dumb

New rule - 1.14 - AFK Farming.

Tl;Dr Don’t go AFK without putting yourself in spectator or leaving.

@RhysRaptor can you add the known to all non written rule that says its okay to ping @Such_Meme_Many_Skill to the rules as an exception or something
(yknow just so its official)

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also wb male nips


New rule - 4.4. Shitposting on Discord.

So how long until Heskan gets banned?


Inster why are u so mean? :frowning:
wat did i do? Im in announcements yay! :]

New rule - 1.11 - Calling out rule-breakers

You still haven’t done that incend special mention

But thank fuck you’ve added this though

Can we request a rule that ajgunstone is not allowed to touch anything that he does not know what to do, or out base will fucking launch into the sky again.


Sorry, we dont have a rule against idiocy or the entire server gets banned.

Its kinda the running theme… Of humanity really

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There goes my chance of getting helper


Your base did what?